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Our expertise – Sustainable profit improvements based on future-oriented business models

We improve the profit situation of our clients – from restructuring clients with acute liquidity shortage up to best practice clients striving for even better margins. In order to improve important items in profit and loss accounts as well as balance sheets we redefine business models together with our clients management and stakeholders. It is crucial to identify a smart business strategy with the right positioning in a competitive environment. Lean management methods can help reduce waste and improve value driven workflows on the operational level.

profit improvement

From restructuring to turnaround

Companies in serious profit or liquidity crises need quick and specific help to contain their loss in earnings and to avoid an impending bankruptcy. In this context Stakeholders often demand an extensive turnaround.

We are acknowledged experts and certified ESUG consultants in this environment. We help you solve your most urgent problems and to regain the trust of your investors. Thus, we keep your company on track throughout the entire restructuring process.

We are practical, down to earth consultants. We bring companies back into the profit zone through hands-on operational measures in productivity increase and cost reductions across processes and structures.

Averting (imminent) bankruptcy starts with transparency. We provide clarity about expected cash flows, help you to identify your need for action and to be aware of legal risks. Thus, we aim at closing potential liquidity gaps.

Sound corporate planning is the basis for all decision making of top-level managers and stakeholders. Based on a short analysis we validate your existing business plan or collectively create a solid and convincing business plan for the future.

We are your neutral appraiser and experienced partner in the communication with banks. Our hands-on restructuring reports show operational and financial necessary measures for successful restructuring and create acceptance among all parties involved.

There is a saying during times of crisis: cash is king – profit is an opinion. In keeping with the motto, our professional liquidity office creates the necessary transparency, identifies liquidity generating measures and implements them effectively together with you.

The correct financing is decisive for the continued existence of your company. We help you to set up your finance structures in such a way that your company is solidly financed. If required, we will assist you in the critical communication with dept and equity providers alike.

We are practitioners with extensive experience in multi-project management and implementation of complex improvement programs. We ensure your implementation success and the realization of target savings – across all corporate functions, sites, and countries.

Our primary goal is to prevent you from a bankruptcy by providing timely assistance. Should your company already happen to be bankrupt or should filing bankruptcy offer unavoidable advantages to you, we will help you develop a new future perspective together.

Profit improvement
From revenue growth to operational excellence

In pursuit of operational excellence and increased margins, companies optimize their structures, processes, and control mechanisms. The range of possibilities is broad. Thus, it is essential to focus on the right things.

We are profit-specialists. Based on an individual potentials-analysis, we identify and quantify optimization levers throughout your entire company. Target-oriented we implement profit improvements in relevant sectors together.

Changed conditions challenge the profitability of your business model. We help you to realign your company strategically, identify profitable business areas and to set up a sustainable and successful business model.

We think in overall corporate contexts. A customized cross-functional profit improvement program gives you the necessary competitive advantage and shows prudence in securing the future of your company.

Especially in saturated markets the focus on the right market-product-portfolio and pricing becomes essential. Based on reliable market forecasts and the understanding of your core competencies, we help you tap additional earning potentials and mobilize your sales force.

As part of an analysis of your core competencies we illustrate your optimal level of vertical integration and overall site structure. Our analyses provide you with the necessary transparency, e.g. for relocation or make-or-buy decisions. Upon your decision we implement those operational changes together.

Purchasing plays a central role in increasing the value of your company. We provide full support in identifying and implementing ambitious saving potentials. For sustainable effects we qualify your top performers, e.g. in your purchasing or development department.

No matter if you are looking for OEE increase, set-up time reductions or workflow orientation, we develop tailor-made operations/ supply chain solutions for you. In particular, we have substantial long-term experience in the optimization of worldwide plant and site structures, e.g. in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Lean structures with efficient processes. As part of a a structural benchmark, we challenge your present organizational structure and core processes and help you re-shape or re-size your company. We accompany you in case of personnel measures with experience and integrity.

With the right key performance indicators you can measure effectiveness and efficiency within your organization. A coresponding incentive system and transparent shop floor management can help you facilitate your management tasks. Together with you, we will establish an effective, profit-oriented management system.