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Work method – Always results-oriented and reliable

At MERITUS we share the unrestrained will to improve the seemingly inevitable course of business – and always match our will with deeds. In order to do so, we have an eye for the true essentials and implement key optimization levers consistently. We only see our mission as successfully completed when agreed upon targets are reached.

The collaboration with us is down to earth and based on real partnership. We are straightforward and address issues directly and openly. We put great emphasis on a trustworthy relationship with integrity.

Our approach – A customized way to achieve measurable results

We develop customer-specific solutions and do not limit ourselves to a predefined pattern. With a broad background of experience, we analyze companies quickly and skillfully to make the specific need for action transparent. Therefore, we always look at companies as a whole and develop customized ways, that lead to best possible results in the overall company context. In doing so, we always mirror financial restrictions and operational feasibilities. Our aim is to make improvements perceptable and sustainable. For this reason, it is of great importance to us that results are measurable, such as the improvement of P&L and balance sheet items as well as the qualification of your key players.

our approach

Our role – Aligned to your needs

At the beginning of each project we mutually define the role you want us to assume as your partner. According to your needs and the situation of your company, we operate as management consultants, interim managers, or trainers/ coaches.

As management consultants, we provide you with a neutral perspective on critical issues. Based on systematic analyses, we develop structured solutions and detailed implementation plans that we effectively put in place with the key players of your company.

In case that management gaps need to be bridged temporarily, we take on operational responsibility in critical key functions at your request. Our interim managers have great management competencies paired with years of relevant experience. This ensures successful change on site and improves internal and external credibility.

Sustainable success depends on the qualification of your key players. As trustful advisors to our clients we are sparring partners for many managing directors and executives in Germany. As trainers or coaches, we qualify executives and key players at your company to ensure a consistent change process for the time after consultants or interim manager have long left.