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Focus – Restructuring and profit improvement

Over the last 20 years, the managing partners of MERITUS have taken responsibility in over 200 projects regarding corporate restructuring and profit improvement. Our goal has always been to enhance and improve our client’s companies with special emphasis on visible effects in profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. You can gain some insights by taking a short look at some of our exemplary project assignments below.

Project examples in restructuring

  • Pressing profit and liquidity crisis at an automotive supplier for electronic components (turnover >100 million €)
  • Provision of interim c-level manager
  • Definition and implementation of holistic restructuring concept
  • Price optimization/ readjustments in sales and purchasing department
  • Realignment of organizational and management structures
  • Negotiation of restructuring agreement and social plan
  • Optimization of working capital
  • Extensive stakeholder communication
  • Secured follow-up financing for the next 3 years
  • Realization of profit improvements of approximately 5 million €
  • Sourcing and induction of new C-level manager
  • Long-term profit and liquidity crisis at an automotive supplier for metal forming parts (turnover >40 million €)
  • Validation of a three-year business plan
  • Implementation of operational improvement measures
  • Definition of a financing proposal
  • Definition of the restructuring concept and report
  • Successfully secured follow-up financing with banks for the next 3 years
  • Prolonged profit and liquidity crisis at a metal processing company (turnover >20 million €)
  • Preparation of a restructuring report along with operational improvement measures
  • Setting up new corporate funding and ensuring regular bank communication
  • Introduction of an operational plant manager on interim basis at supplier’s site
  • Operational improvements on productivity in production and increase in sales prices
  • Return to profit zone through profit improvements amounting up to 1.8 million €
  • Follow-up financing of over 5 million € within 2 years – for expiring note loans and reimbursed bank liabilities
  • Profit and liquidity crisis with a low equity base at a gear manufacturing company (turnover >50 million €)
  • Preparation of a liquidity and profit improvement program within a two-week short audit
  • Elimination of liquidity gaps through rigorous inventory reductions amounting up to 0.75 million € within 3 months
  • Realization of profit improvements of over 2.3 million € mainly due to price increases, productivity improvements and purchase price reductions
  • Successful break-even after 6 months
  • Acute liquidity gap and operating losses due to a market-caused drop in sales at an automotive supplying company (turnover >60 million €)
  • Preparation of a restructuring report along with operational improvement measures
  • Setting up restructuring bank loans
  • Introduction of an interim sales manager in order to generate new sales
  • Consistent operative implementation of cost reductions as well as accompanying bank communication
  • Significant participation in the acquisition of new orders
  • Reaching positive monthly results after 5 months of implementation
  • Another 4 months later, the approval of a growth loan through a bank was given
  • Significant losses and liquidity shortage at a jewelry designer and manufacturer (turnover >10 million €)
  • Preparation of a restructuring report along with an operational and financial restructuring plan
  • Setting up deferral of redemption payments from financing banks
  • Implementation of a security concept in order to reduce theft-induced loss of material
  • Operative improvement of order management and production
  • Coaching of senior management in leadership skills (e.g. key performance orientation, consistency in action)
  • Achieving positive returns within 6 months – followed by profitable growth
  • Unclear liquidity situation and unsecured financing for development service provider in the automotive supply industry (turnover >20 million €)
  • Creating transparency regarding the financial situation
  • Preparation of rolling 13-week liquidity planning
  • Derivation and implementation of short-term liquidity measures with a positive effect of >1.5 million €
  • Successful negotiations with banks on maintaining existing financing (“Stand Still”)
  • Secured long-term financing within 6 weeks
  • Tough earnings and financial situation for service providers in hydropower (turnover >20 million €)
  • Preparation of Independent Business Review (IBR)
  • Derivation of a concrete action program to restore profitability
  • Sparring for top management during implementation of the action programme
  • Confidence-building bank reporting to ensure covenants and implementation of measures
  • Implementation of liquidity-generating measures, in particular sale-and-lease-back with cash effects of >5 million €
  • Inclusion of KfW subsidies and loans in the context of the coronavirus crisis
  • Secured full financing within 6 weeks
  • Successful company sale to strategic investor after 6 months
  • Pressing earnings crisis and poor operating performance at the Eastern European plant of a Tier 1 automotive supplier (turnover >90 million €)
  • Creation of a personnel benchmark and detailed concept with an operational action programme
  • Adjustment of organisational and management structures
  • Implementation of personnel management measures
  • Short-term restoration of an adequate in-time delivery performance
  • Elimination of urgent quality problems in production
  • Introduction of key performance indicators, lean methods and shop floor management
  • Realization of profit improvements of  7.3 million € through savings in material costs, reorganisation of indirect areas, productivity improvements in production and avoidance of special cargoes
  • Break-Even of the production site within 6 month
  • Acute liquidity crisis and high losses at a producer of special railway vehicles (turnover >20 million €)
  • Preparation of a restructuring report according to IDW S6 including operational and financial measures
  • Mobilization of sales activities and introduction of sales management system
  • Implementation operational improvements in order management and production
  • Communication with banks and stakeholders to ensure dept capital provision
  • Secured corporte financing over a 3 year period
  • Implementation support and project management office for restructuring measures
  • Realization of profit improvements of 3.1 million € through reduction of material and personnel expenses
  • Exit-wish of a shareholder of a textile company close to insolvency (turnover >25 million €)
  • Definition of a going concern concept with an action plan for achieving profitability
  • Guidance in the process of selling the company to a new investor during insolvency under self-administration
  • Intensive communication to financial institutions, share- and stakeholder to ensure the financing for going concern
  • Sparring partner for new shareholder and CEO during implementation of the action plan
  • Successful going concern by means of company sale and regaining profitability and debt service capacity
  • Impending insolvency due to major project cost overruns at a metal processing company (turnover >40 million €)
  • Task force for fast definition of funding requirements in order to achieve an agreement between various creditors
  • Calculation of the short term liquidity needs caused by faulty project cost calculations and rampant cost developments
  • Identification of ad hoc measures for liquidity generation (extension agreements, introduction of factoring, etc.)
  • Enforcement of cost transfer agreements for major project cost overruns with customers
  • Revision of the existing project calculation method for future quotations and contract agreements
  • Prevention of impending insolvency through reduction of project cost overruns of up to 95%
  • Loss of convidence on part of the financial institutions of a manufacturer within the fields of telecommunication technology (turnover >15 million €) – due to high losses and liquidity constraints
  • Preparation of a restructuring report according to IDW S6 with an extensive set of restructuring measures
  • Introduction of a chief restructuring officer in order to ensure the operative implementation of restructuring measures
  • Revision of reporting standards and active communication with financial institutions in order to achieve a financing solution
  • Successful provision of capital and credit extension simulaniously improving financial conditions at banks/ suppliers
  • Restoration of trust in the company by providing transparency and measurable profit improvements
  • Confirmation of going concern and restructuring ability including adequate financing
  • Longstanding cash burn at a private equity holding in the fields of hardware/ software (turnover >40 million €)
  • Preparation of a restructuring report on behalf of the company with extensive improvement measures
  • Validation and review of the existing 3-year-corporate planning (P&L, balance, cashflow)
  • Preparation of bank meetings (corporate presentation, 3-year-planning, financing proposal)
  • Operational preparation of the splitting of the company from its deficient organizational parts
  • Optimization of operative controlling for KPI monitoring and analysis of deviations
  • Profit margin improvements of 6,2%-points; reaching profitabilty within 9 months
  • Intended sale of a plant manufacturer facing operational problems (turnover >20 million €)
  • Task force for solving the operational problems and the effects on profitability and liquidity
  • Deduction of an action plan to improve productivity, ensure material supply and reduce quality complaints
  • Installation of an interim plant manager supporting the management of the company during the action plan implementation
  • Guidance thoughout the entire sale process of the company to a strategic investor
  • Sparring and coaching ot the management team in the transition process
  • Settling of all operational problems within 6 months; going concern via corporate sale to a new investor

Project examples in profit improvement

  • Continuous earnings decline of over 80% in recent years due to passive sales work at a company in the mechanical engineering industry (turnover >70 million €)
  • Analysis of the external market environment and the positioning of the company
  • Identification of growth potential by industry and technology
  • Assessment of the company’s USP from self-reflected and external view
  • Assessment of the current structures and processes in sales
  • Evaluation of the maturity level of the sales organization
  • Calculation of scenarios simulating the company development
  • Preparation of a recommendation on the strategic orientation of the company – Goal: Realization of identified growth potential of over 20 million €
  • Identification of short-term need for action and definition of optimization levers
  • Various uncoordinated purchasing units within the corporate group of a cable manufacturer (turnover >1 billion €) – grown through company acquisitions
  • Worldwide short audit (DE, PL, CN, CZ) in order to identify key levers of improvement
  • Implementation of purchase price reductions for pilot product groups
  • Concepting and launching of a worldwide purchasing organization including purchasing processes and guidelines
  • Implementation of a new category management system
  • Qualification of future lead buyers
  • Reduction of purchasing costs by 4.1 million € (6% of the considered pilot group of materials)
  • Definition of a roll-out implementation plan for the remaining product groups
  • Unsatisfactory profit situation over the course of several years at an automotive supplier (turnover >30 million €)
  • Preparation of a profit improvement program starting with a potential analysis
  • Identification of strategic growth areas and implementation of specific action programs
  • Restructuring of the entire organizational structure
  • Introduction of consistent working capital management (especially accounts receivables management)
  • Holistic purchasing optimization including supplier negotiations
  • Introduction and constant monitoring of key productivity figures (shop floor management)
  • Improvement of liquidity of over 1.6 million € within 4 months
  • Reduction of procurement costs by 5% and overhead costs by 15%
  • Achieving profit margins customary to the industry after 7 months
  • Diminishing corporate profits in recent year at a mechanical engineering company (turnover >100 Mio. €)
  • Preparation of a profit improvement program starting with a potential analysis including competitor benchmarking
  • Reduction of procurement costs and quality costs
  • Productivity improvements through KPI-based management
  • Outsourcing of unprofitable areas
  • Boosting R&D output through KPI-based management
  • Improved profit situation by 2.3 million € within 8 months
  • Unsatisfactory profit situation at a steel producer (turnover >2 billion €) caused by decreasing demand and increasing price pressure
  • Setting up of a company-wide profit improvement program
  • Definition of company-wide improvement levers and area-specific cost-cutting targets (top down)
  • Validation of cost-cutting targets with the responsible division mangers (bottom up)
  • Definition of a roll-out plan for the implementation
  • Focused implementation support in specific areas
  • Realization of profit improvements of over 120 million €
  • Unsatisfactory profit situation at a mechanical engineering company (turnover >70 million €)
  • Preparation of a profit improvement program starting with a potential analysis
  • Reduction of personnel expenses through reorganization and efficiency improvements
  • Reduction of other operating expenses
  • Setting up an integrated KPI-system with consistent monitoring
  • Strategical and operational realignment of sales department and service structures
  • Process improvements in procurement, order processing and production
  • Coaching and qualifying the management team
  • Realization of profit improvement effects of 1.3 million € / 2.5 million € in the current / following year
  • Declining profit situation of automotive supplier (turnover 700 million €)
  • Conception of performance-improvement-program by analyzing global plant- and location-structure
  • Conduction of various plant-analyses and final recommendation for location-structure
  • Top-down target-setting for each operating company
  • Realization of gross-margin-improvements by defining of norm-strategies per strategic direction (product-category)
  • In addition, realization of gross-margin-improvements by identification of loss-makers
  • Reduction of personnel costs by identification and alignment of personnel cost potentials (incl. benchmark-analysis)
  • Identification of potentials for other operating expenses and definition of concrete measures
  • Specification of CAPEX-budget and proposal for distribution on different plants
  • Realization of profit improvements of 27 million €
  • Declining profit situation of automotive supplier (turnover >200 million €)
  • Conception of performance-improvement-program as part of a two-staged concept (rough concept & detail concept)
  • Development of prioritized 8 modules and 20 measures with greatest P&L-impact (rough concept)
  • Ascertainment and milestone planning of identified main levers/ measures (detail concept)
  • Top-down target-setting and bottom-up verification of identified potentials
  • Alignment of indirect personnel structures and streamlining of organizational structure
  • Increasing of productivity in each division by production optimizations
  • Identification of potentials for other operating expenses and definition of concrete measures
  • Operationalization of corporate strategy by cascading of overall multi-annual goals to the department-level
  • Identification of profit improvement potential of 10 million €

Implementation of optimization measures is ongoing

  • High slump in order (80%) at a niche player in special metal processing of large castings (turnover >100 million €) due to changed market conditions and increasing competition from Asia
  • Market analysis in order to evaluate the need for corporate repositioning
  • Identification of unique selling propositions and technical core competencies
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of new potential market and product segments
  • 5 year-business plan for market development and financing
  • Subsequently further management sparring during the transformation process
  • Various purchasing departments on corporate and group level at a manufacturer of hydraulic products and -systems (turnover 300 million €)
  • Short audit evaluating possible savings in material costs
  • Realization of group synergies strengthening central purchasing department
  • Improvement of process efficiencies through predefined purchasing precedures
  • Introduction of a standardized purchasing system (incl. tools and forms)
  • Realization of 2.6% savings potential through negotiations with 50 biggest suppliers
  • Qualification of strategic purchasing professionals throughout the project
  • Growth aspiration of a profitable manufacturer of power tools (turnover >80 million €)
  • Analysis of market and competitive environment in order to identify growth areas (horzontally/ verically)
  • Identification of key competencies of the company in order to identify growth possibilities accordingly (laterally)
  • Simulation of the effects of mega trends and sector trends on the future positioning of the company
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of growth options (trough organic and external growth)
  • Detailling of the growth strategy including an implemenation roadmap
  • Communication with Shareholder to grant growth financing
  • Increase of group turnover to >200 million € within 5 years
  • Unprofitable post-order-calculation at a supplier of electronical components (turnover > 250 million €)
  • Overview of cost drivers (raw materials, gas- and power supply, freight, wages, etc.) and definition of necessary price adjustments
  • Preparation of price negotiations with key customers in order to achieve an ex-post value contribution and for future price adjustments
  • Scenario calculation and definition of negotiation strategie with customers
  • Coaching of the sales  manager and managing director during the price negotiations
  • Realization of 8% price reduction for key products gone into negotiation
  • Unusual calculation of offers at a manufacturer of welded components (turnover > 40 million €)
  • Set up and structuring of a calculation model in alignment with corporate P&L
  • Validation of cost-type accounting and cost allocation (regarding direct costs and overheads)
  • Benchmarking of surcharge rates with usual industry values
  • Benchmarking of cost structures and recommendations for action
  • Resulting in P&L conform pre-order calculation (including new surcharge rates, wage-hour rates and machine-hour rates)
  • Low reliability and quality of delivery at 3 production sites of a mechanical engineering supplier (turnover > 50 million €)
  • Task force for regaining customer satisfaction for key customers (on-time, in-quality)
  • Optimization of the order processing process elminating causes of errors (process- and system-side)
  • Workload study by means of multi-moment-method and HR-Benchmarking increasing the share of value-added
  • Supporting the plant manager in setting up shopfloor management system and introducing lean methods
  • Complete reduction of backlog within 6 weeks; reduction of quality complaints reduced to <0,01%
  • High dependency of a profitable tier 3 automotive supplier on the combustion engine/ powertrain (turnover >150 million €)
  • Quantified scenario analysis of the business development with increased market share of e-mobility
  • Proposal of a repositioning concept based on the key competencies of the company and potential market opportunities
  • Modelling of the phase-out and ramp-up management for old/ new products in a detailled production site blueprint
  • Calculation of the investment needs for the transformation and detailling of a financing plan in stages (equity/ debt-funded)
  • Resulting in a detailled plan to reach independency from the combustion engine/ powertrain within 5 years (incl. 10% annual growth rate starting in year 3)

“In the context of securing the delivery capability of a 1st tier supplier – caused by the effects of the Corona pandemic – I have come to know MERITUS as a competent and reliable partner at all times. Within the scope of a task force, the MERITUS colleagues contributed significantly to maintaining the supply and to reducing the delivery backlog within a short period of time due to their high level of commitment. Through the professional and methodical use of MERITUS, measurable successes could also be realized regarding quality.”

Simon Wurm – Value Stream Management

„I have got to know and have come to appreciate MERITUS during a project as chairman of the advisory board of a respected supplier. The aim of the project was to improve the company’s profit situation by reducing overhead costs and to define the strategic directions for the product areas. The project results clearly exceeded the initially defined goals. MERITUS brought about real change through strong communication and implementation performance. Chapeau!“

Prof. Dr. Bernd Gottschalk – former VDA President, Managing Partner AutoValue GmbH

weber-hydraulik kunden / clients

„MERITUS has led our company through a strategic restructuring and realignment process. We can now count on a clear positioning with strategic thrust in our corresponding market-product-segments. Our company goals are clearly quantified and backed with necessary structural changes and operative improvement programs. MERITUS has thus provided the foundations for a successful company future. The project approach of MERITUS was always solution-oriented, systematic, but also rationally pragmatic. The consultants possess a high level of social and professional competence and are highly successful in provoking change within our given company. We have developed a true partnership and will continue the transformation process together.“

Christine Grotz – Managing Partner

Mesa Parts Logo„Dr. Jens Zimmerman supported us in various projects in a very capable and dedicated way. During these projects, he and his project team rapidly developed and implemented viable solutions. We were very satisfied with our projects results. Over the last years, Dr. Zimmermann has become a very trusted sparring partner to me – regarding all entrepreneurial questions.“

Julian Meyer – Managing Partner

Siltronic Logo

“It was a great pleasure working together with Jens Zimmermann and his team to improve our global supply chain across six countries in an accelerated format. The results far exceeded my expectations. Combining a tough schedule with challenging targets we integrated a global multi-cultural supply chain by driving initiatives that were both beneficial at a local level and integrative at a global level. The improvement programs were simplistic but powerful all at the same time. Jens Zimmermann and his team are not just typical consultants but rather what I call Resultants.”

Dr. Ryan Rhoades – former Head of Strategic Supply Chain

“We were looking for a consultancy that would provide us with operational and competent support in improving our business transparency. The MERITUS team worked with us quickly and collegially to produce the information we needed. We were very satisfied with the results.“

Phillip Wagner – Managing Director

“We got to know MERITUS in the context of a task force project that was time-critical for us. Understanding the urgency, MERITUS consultants showed up at our site just two days later. Within two weeks, we had the transparency we were looking for and had negotiated a joint, fast-acting solution with our customer. In retrospect, the chosen path proved to be the right one for us. When it comes to fast and real help, we can highly recommend MERITUS.”

Beate Gothe – Managing Partner

Airbus Group Logo„Dr. Zimmermann was successfully responsible for several projects at Airbus and its supplying industry. His high personal involvement was key decisive factor for the respective project success.“

Dr. Klaus Richter – former Chief Procurement Officer

“NORD Holding has gained very positive experience with MERITUS in projects for companies from our investment portfolio. The MERITUS consultants think entrepreneurially and are very reliable in developing the agreed project results. On the one hand, they are operationally very strong and quickly understand the specific business models. On the other hand, they take the executives of the portfolio companies along with them when developing concepts and enjoy their full trust. We will continue to work with MERITUS in the future.“

Jan-Philipp Wilckens – Operating Partner

“The consultants of MERITUS have competently accompanied our company in a very important and future-oriented phase. They have distinguished themselves through a very quick and deep understanding of our niche product and its market. MERITUS identified the central levers for optimizing results in a targeted manner, always focusing on the right and individual solution for us. They convinced us with their efficient and precise way of working. The MERITUS colleagues combine professionalism and sympathy in their personal dealings. We can recommend MERITUS as a reliable partner at any time and will continue to build on a trusting cooperation in the future.”

Christoph Schöttler – Managing director

IST Logo

„We got to know Mrs. Zimmermann of MERITUS during our strategic realignment process. We were pleasantly surprised how strongly we were able to profit from her external business model analyses. MERITUS helped us to take a critical look on our baseline situation. Based on facts and figures, it was easy for us to make necessary adjustments in our business model and to define appropriate and concrete measures. We are pleased to have found MERITUS as a partner, who will continue to consult us in our transformation process.“

Christian Metz – Chairman of the executive board

Eichenauer Logo„Nicole Zimmermann helped us to newly approach our business strategy, organizational development and operational excellence in sales. She captured our initial situation with all of our company’s particularities very well. With her winning personality and her systematic approach, she and her project team developed smart and practicable solutions. Within our company, Mrs. Zimmermann enjoys an excellent reputation across all levels.“

Kerstin Stoll – Managing Partner


„MERITUS has developed a realignment concept for the bottom line profit improvement of one of our affiliated companies, Düker. This concept was subsequently implemented by an Interim Managing Director of MERITUS. We have found MERITUS to be a very qualified, target-oriented and professional partner for initializing and managing our corporate change process. We were highly satisfied with concept and implementation alike and will gladly consider working together with MERITUS in the future whenever needed.“

Dr. Klaus-Georg Hengstberger – Shareholder

Plettenberg Logo„Dr. Jens Zimmermann accompanied us during a profit improvement project over a longer period of time. His work method was marked by a targeted entrepreneurial approach, high level of professionalism and well-structured thinking. As a person, we got to know him as reliable and approachable. I personally value Dr. Zimmermann as a distinguished sparring partner with high integrity.“

Cornel Müller – Managing Partner

Acxit Logo

„We got to know Stefan Mairiedl as CRO and member of the executive board during the M&A-process at a tier 1 automotive supplier (350 employees, 42 mio. € revenue) in 2013. Mr. Mairiedl actively and valuably supported the investor relations process by setting up and illustrating the company’s business plan as well as representing the company towards potential investors. In particular, we value his determination, discipline and reliability even under extreme conditions and great time pressure. Moreover, he has detailed knowledge of the automotive sector and counts on a reliable network within the automotive industry.“

Christian Nicolas Bächstädt – Managing Partner

Wöhrle Kunden“MERITUS has accompanied us in several success-critical tasks. We appreciated the high expertise and professionalism of the MERITUS consultants. They are competent and always solution-oriented, but also pragmatic and likeable. We are very satisfied with the results achieved together and can recommend the cooperation with MERITUS.”

Michael Fahrenbach – Managing Director

“I have worked with Dr. Jens Zimmermann and the MERITUS-Team on challenging topics at various companies. MERITUS understands the specific customer situation on an entrepreneurial and human level very well. With high expertise and full commitment, the project objectives are pursued and implemented. I like to rely on MERITUS when it comes to achieving measurable results.”

Dr. Manfred Ziegler – Associate and advisory board member of various companies

„We have made very positive experience with Dr. Zimmermann and Mr. Mairiedl in optimizing our portfolio companies. Together with their team they were able to analyze the status quo quickly, identify optimization levers and implement them pragmatically. The results reached met our expectations to the fullest. We will continue to work together with them anytime.“

Rudolf Illies – Managing Partner

„I got to know and appreciate MERITUS in the context of various projects as shareholder and managing director. MERITUS supported our company after a carve-out process in identifying and immediately initiating and implementing operational profit improvement measures. In addition, MERITUS has significantly contributed to setting the strategic course for a long-term profitable orientation of our company, with a focus on digitalization and automation. The consultants of MERITUS are characterized by their efficient, pragmatic solution finding, simultaneous high strategic foresight and adept stakeholder communication. We continue to trust in their professional support.“

Wolfgang Hoffmeister – Managing Director

OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner Meritus Kunden„We have contracted MERITUS for a quick and neutral evaluation of the current economic situation of one of our associated companies – thus also identifying adjustment levers in order to improve the actual profit situation. First results were ready at hand within no time and have surpassed our expectations. The MERITUS consultants have convinced us all on a personal and professional level. We will gladly engage MERITUS in the future to solve similar or different problems within our shareholding structure.”

Erik Schäfer – Managing Director

„I came across Mr. and Mrs. Zimmermann during several consulting projects with really ambitious restructuring targets.”

“… their extraordinary advisory service along with practice-oriented implementation approaches helped to achieve remarkable results. It is their personal commitment that really makes the difference.

Anytime again…!“

Jörg Kuck – Managing Director

rbi-gmbh kunden / clients„MERITUS has supported us in an internal project of utmost importance. We are a fairly small and successfully operating company and have had no mayor need for consulting advice until now. With a deep customer oriented understanding MERITUS has focused project efforts on the true essentials and proved to be technically competent and very responsible. We are glad to have found the precisely right partner at the right time and can whole-heartedly recommend MERITUS to others.“

Roman Berner – Managing Partner

“MERITUS competently supported us in one of our international production plants in solving operational delivery problems and improving EBIT. After a quick and accurate analysis, the MERITUS consultants immediately switched to implementation – always with a focus on P&L, balance sheet, cash and customer satisfaction. In soccer you would say: fast switching game à la Klopp! The MERITUS consultants are systematic, pragmatic and effective also in the intercultural environment.“

Roland Winkler (former Aurelius) – Managing Partner

Rasche Umformtechnik Logo„Over the last years, we have worked very closely with Mr. Mairiedl. We got to know him as a reliable, open and particular fair business partner with strong target-orientation. Even following the termination of our business relationship, we have closely followed his career as chief restructuring officer and managing director in restructuring and reorganizational situations on interim basis.“

Ernst Holtmann – Managing Director

Kunden / clients

“The consultants of MERITUS Business Advisors have accompanied Hiltl in an important project. The consultants quickly understood the specifics of our business model and the industry. The approaches for improvement were worked out concretely and transferred into an operative action program that can readily be put into practice. The joint cooperation was very pleasant, both professionally and personally. We were very satisfied with the results, that were achieved in a very short time. We can recommend MERITUS Business Advisors as a reliable partner.”

Gerhard Kränzle – Chief Executive Officer

SAC Sirius Advanced Cybernetics GmbH kunden / clients

MERITUS supported us in a turbulent company situation with their competent advice. Their well-founded and quick analyzes provided the required transparency and showed the necessary need for action for the development of our company. The MERITUS consultants were highly regarded by the management as well as the shareholders and we would mandate them again whenever necessary.”

Dieter A. Riehl – Managing Partner

DMA Logo“Nicole Zimmerman has worked for me in several projects. Personally, I value her ability to move people in her sympathetic and competent way – yet addressing issues straightforward and openly. She is highly qualified and a multi talent for achieving cross-functional project results. Most convincing was our joint strategy and sales project. Her structured and target-oriented approach ensures project success reliably. Hence, I will happily continue to contract her.”

Thilo Möller – Former Chairman of the board

Gelita Logo„I got to know Dr. Jens Zimmermann as project manager during various projects – each of them with really ambitious targets. In all of them, he was able to reach the previously announced goals. His approach was well-considered, straight forward and systematic.“

Dr. Franz Josef Konert – Chief Executive Officer

microtherm Logo„Over the years, we have worked together with Mr. and Mrs. Zimmermann in several success-critical projects and appreciate their professional competence. MERITUS is our first choice when it comes to thoroughly scrutinizing our overall corporation and guiding us through the following, fast pace implementation.

We will continue to work together with MERITUS on a very close and confident basis.“

Christian Beckmann – Managing Director

Villeroy & Boch kunden/ clients„Dr. Jens Zimmermann helped Villeroy & Boch to improve our operational supply chain processes and global site structures. He disposes of profound technical expertise and proven project management skills. We were highly satisfied with the project results and the overall personal collaboration.”

Frank Göring – Chairman of the executive board

perspektiv Logo„We got to know Stefan Mairiedl as CRO and member of the executive board during the M&A-process at a tier 1 automotive supplier in 2013. Mr. Mairiedl actively supported the investor relations process by setting up realistic business plans and representing the company throughout the entire process. We value his discipline and reliability. The results proof him to be a very competent player within the automotive network.”

Dr. Andreas Fröhlich – former Managing Partner

Dr. Jens Zimmermann, Managing Partner
Dr. soc. oec., Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing., certified ESUG consultant

Dr. Jens Zimmerman has been consulting companies for over 25 years in restructuring, turnaround, and extensive cost reduction programs. Furthermore, he is an expert in supply chain optimization and global footprint matters.

Before founding MERITUS, Dr. Jens Zimmermann was director on the executive board of the Staufen AG (8 yrs.) and responsible for numerous restructuring and lean management projects. Prior to that, he worked at Droege & Comp. (11 yrs.) holding the position of a partner (4 yrs.) responsible for the restructuring industry and for the worldwide Competence Center of Supply Chain Management.

stefan mairiedl partner meritusStefan Mairiedl, Senior Expert
REFA-Engineer, EFQM-Assessor, certified ESUG consultant

Stefan Mairiedl is an experienced interim manager. He assists companies in operational realignment, restructuring, reorganization, and process optimization during their transition phase. He is a hands-on expert within the automotive, mechanical engineering and plastics industry.

Stefan Mairiedl has over 22 years of operational leadership knowledge. For the last 14 years he has been taking interim responsibility as CEO for technology and sales, plant manager or chief restructuring officer. Prior to that, he worked as CEO at Sachsenring Fahrzeugtechnik, Sysma Antriebstechnik and ZWL Zahnradwerk Leipzig.

Nicole Zimmermann, Partner
Dipl. Kffr. (Business Administration)

Nicole Zimmermann has been advising companies in strategic realignments, reorganization and profit improvements for over 18 years . She specializes in the holistic transformation of business models for companies facing restructuring and turnaround challenges as well as in setting up ambitious growth and global market development programs.

Before founding MERITUS she was leading her own management consultancy called Diamond Management Consulting (8 yrs.) – specialized in profit-oriented growth programs. Prior to that, she worked at Droege & Comp. (5 yrs.) as manager for numerous holistic efficiency projects primarily for medium-sized German companies.

ralph erhard partner meritusRalph Erhard, Advisory Board Member
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing., Master of Science

Ralph Erhard is an experienced business consultant and founder of the Deutsche Consulting Partner (DCP). He is an expert in financial services and the service sector. He has comprehensive experience in corporate finance and disposes of an extensive network to financing banks and financial investors.

At MERITUS, Ralph Erhard is a member of the advisory board. DCP and MERITUS function as a consulting network with offices in Esslingen and Düsseldorf.

ralph erhard partner meritusRalph Erhard, Beirat
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing., Master of Science

Ralph Erhard ist erfahrener Unternehmensberater und Gründer der Deutschen Consulting Partner (DCP). Er ist Experte im Financial Services und Dienstleistungssektor. Dabei verfügt er über umfassendes Fachwissen in der Unternehmensfinanzierung und über ein breites Netzwerk bei Banken und Finanzinvestoren. Seine Beraterlaufbahn begann er vor 19 Jahren bei Droege & Comp..

Bei MERITUS ist Ralph Erhard im Beirat vertreten. Die DCP und MERITUS fungieren dabei im Beraterverbund aus den Standorten Esslingen und Düsseldorf.

Nicole Zimmermann, Partner
Dipl. Kauffrau

Nicole Zimmermann berät seit 18 Jahren Unternehmen in der strategischen Neuausrichtung, Reorganisation und Ergebnisverbesserung. Ihre Schwerpunkte liegen in der ganzheitlichen Transformation von Geschäftsmodellen im Sanierungsfall und im Aufsetzen ehrgeiziger Wachstums- und weltweiter Markterschließungsprogramme.

Vor der Gründung von MERITUS führte sie 8 Jahre ihr eigenes Beratungsunternehmen Diamond Management Consulting – spezialisiert auf ertragsorientierte Wachstumsprogramme. Davor war sie 5 Jahre bei Droege & Comp., zuletzt verantwortliche Projektleiterin ganzheitlicher Effizienzprojekte mit dem Fokus auf den deutschen Mittelstand.

stefan mairiedl partner meritusStefan Mairiedl, Senior Expert
REFA-Ingenieur, EFQM-Assessor, zertifizierter ESUG-Berater

Stefan Mairiedl ist erfahrener Interim Manager. Er begleitet Unternehmen in der Neuausrichtung, Restrukturierung, Reorganisation, Prozessoptimierung und im laufenden Veränderungsprozess. Er ist Praktiker in den Bereichen Automotive, Maschinenbau und Kunststoffindustrie.

Stefan Mairiedl besitzt über 22 Jahre operative Führungserfahrung. Seit 14 Jahren übernimmt er interimistisch Verantwortung als Geschäftsführer Technik/Vertrieb, als Werksleiter oder Chief Restructuring Officer. Davor war Stefan Mairiedl 10 Jahre lang Geschäftsführer bei Sachsenring Fahrzeugtechnik, Sysma Antriebstechnik und ZWL Zahnradwerk Leipzig.

perspektiv Logo„Herr Stefan Mairiedl lernten wir als CRO und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung während des M&A-Prozesses bei einem Automotive Zulieferer im Jahr 2013 kennen. Herr Stefan Mairiedl hat aktiv den Investoren Prozess in der Ausarbeitung von realistischen Businessplänen und Darstellung des Unternehmens begleitet. Wir schätzen seine Disziplin und Zuverlässigkeit. Das Ergebnis zeigt, dass er ein profunder Kenner und Netzwerker in der Automotive Industrie ist.“

Dr. Andreas Fröhlich – ehem. Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Villeroy & Boch kunden/ clients„Dr. Jens Zimmermann unterstützte Villeroy & Boch die operativen Supply Chain Prozesse zu verbessern und die globalen Standortstrukturen zu optimieren. Er überzeugte durch fundierte Fachexpertise und ausgewiesene Projektmanagementfähigkeiten. Wir waren mit den erzielten Projektergebnissen und der persönlichen Zusammenarbeit äußerst zufrieden.“

Frank Göring – Vorsitzender des Vorstands

microtherm Logo„Wir haben mit Herrn und Frau Zimmermann im Laufe der Jahre mehrere erfolgskritische Projekte gemeinsam durchgeführt und schätzen ihre Kompetenz. MERITUS ist für uns erster Ansprechpartner, wenn es darum geht, unser Unternehmen konsequent auf den Prüfstand zu stellen und die folgende, schnelle Umsetzung konsequent zu begleiten.
Wir werden auch in Zukunft vertrauensvoll mit MERITUS zusammenarbeiten.“

Christian Beckmann – Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Gelita Logo„Ich habe Dr. Jens Zimmermann in verschiedenen Projekten mit anspruchsvollen Zielen kennengelernt. In den von ihm geleiteten Projekten hat er die zuvor angekündigten Projektergebnisse stets erreicht. Er war in seiner Vorgehensweise überlegt, geradlinig und systematisch.“

Dr. Franz Josef Konert – Chief Executive Officer

DMA Logo„Frau Nicole Zimmermann hat in mehreren Projekten für mich gearbeitet. Menschlich schätze ich sie für Offenheit, Engagement, Empathie und Geradlinigkeit. Fachlich ist sie sehr gut und breit aufgestellt; am meisten überzeugt hat sie mich in einem gemeinsamen Strategie- und Vertriebs-Projekt, das sehr erfolgreich war. Frau Zimmermanns strukturierte und zielorientierte Vorgehensweise gibt einem die Gewissheit, dass der Projekterfolg nie gefährdet ist. Daher werde ich sie wieder engagieren."

Thilo Möller – ehem. Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung

SAC Sirius Advanced Cybernetics GmbH kunden / clients„Die Firma MERITUS hat uns durch ihre kompetente Beratung in einer turbulenten Unternehmenssituation sehr geholfen. Ihre in kurzer Zeit erstellten fundierten Analysen schafften die erforderliche Transparenz und zeigten notwendige Handlungsbedarfe für die Entwicklung unserer Gesellschaft auf. Die MERITUS Berater genießen in der Geschäftsführung sowie im Gesellschafterkreis hohe Wertschätzung und wir werden sie bei Bedarf jederzeit wieder engagieren.“

Dieter A. Riehl – Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Kunden / clients

„Die Berater von MERITUS Business Advisors haben Hiltl in einem wichtigen Projekt begleitet. Die Berater haben rasch die Spezifika unseres Geschäftsmodells sowie der Branche verstanden. Die Verbesserungsansätze wurden konkret ausgearbeitet und in ein operatives Handlungsprogramm überführt, welches auch tatsächlich umsetzbar ist. Die gemeinsame Zusammenarbeit war professionell und menschlich sehr angenehm. Mit den in sehr kurzer Zeit erarbeiten Ergebnissen waren wir sehr zufrieden. Wir können MERITUS Business Advisors als zuverlässigen Partner weiterempfehlen.“

Gerhard Kränzle – Chief Executive Officer

Rasche Umformtechnik Logo„Wir haben mit Herrn Mairiedl über mehrere Jahre intensiv zusammengearbeitet. Dabei konnten wir Herrn Mairiedl als einen zuverlässigen, offenen und insbesondere auch fairen Geschäftspartner mit klarer Zielorientierung kennenlernen. Auch nach Beendigung unserer direkten geschäftlichen Beziehung haben wir seinen weiteren beruflichen Werdegang im Rahmen seiner Interimsprojekte als CRO oder als Geschäftsführer in Restrukturierungs- bzw. Reorganisationstätigkeiten aufmerksam verfolgt.“

Ernst Holtmann – Geschäftsführer

„MERITUS hat uns in einem unserer internationalen Produktionswerke bei der Lösung operativer Lieferprobleme und der Verbesserung des EBIT kompetent unterstützt. Nach einer schnellen treffenden Analyse haben die MERITUS Berater unmittelbar in die Umsetzung umgeschaltet – immer mit dem Fokus auf GuV, Bilanz, Cash und Kundenzufriedenheit. Im Fußball würde man sagen: schnelles Umschaltspiel à la Klopp! Die MERITUS Berater sind systematisch, pragmatisch und wirkungsvoll auch im interkulturellen Umfeld.“

Roland Winkler (ehem. Aurelius) – Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

„Ich kenne Herr und Frau Zimmermann aus Beratungsprojekten im Rahmen von wirklich ehrgeizigen Restrukturierungen.“

„… die außergewöhnlich professionelle Beratungsleistung zusammen mit der praxisgerechten Umsetzung hat erstaunliche Ergebnisse realisiert. Der persönliche Einsatz von Frau und Herr Zimmermann ist es, der den Unterschied macht.

Jederzeit gerne wieder..!“

Jörg Kuck – Geschäftsführer

OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner Meritus Kunden„Wir haben die Firma MERITUS beauftragt, im Rahmen einer kurzfristigen Untersuchung die aktuelle wirtschaftliche Situation einer Beteiligung neutral zu bewerten und Stellhebel zur Ergebnisverbesserung abzuleiten. Die bereits nach kurzer Zeit erzielten Ergebnisse haben unsere Erwartungen übertroffen. Fachlich wie menschlich haben die MERITUS Berater alle Beteiligte überzeugt. Wir würden MERITUS bei ähnlichen oder auch anderen Problemstellungen stets wieder beauftragen.“

Erik Schäfer – Geschäftsführer

„Ich habe MERITUS im Rahmen verschiedener Projekte als Gesellschafter und Geschäftsführer kennen und schätzen gelernt. MERITUS hat unser Unternehmen nach einem Carve-Out Prozess bei der Identifikation und unmittelbaren Einleitung und Umsetzung operativer Ergebnisverbesserungsmaßnahmen unterstützt. Darüber hinaus hat MERITUS maßgeblich die strategischen Weichenstellungen für eine langfristig profitable Ausrichtung unseres Unternehmens mitgeprägt, mit Fokus auf Digitalisierung und Automatisierung. Die Berater von MERITUS zeichnen sich durch Ihre effiziente, pragmatische Lösungsfindung, die gleichzeitige hohe strategische Weitsicht und eine versierte Stakeholder Kommunikation aus. Wir vertrauen auch weiterhin auf ihre professionelle Unterstützung.“

Wolfgang Hoffmeister – Geschäftsführer

„Bei unseren Beteiligungsunternehmen haben wir sehr positive Erfahrungen mit Dr. Jens Zimmermann und Stefan Mairiedl sammeln können. Sie und ihr Team analysierten schnell und präzise wirksame Verbesserungspotenziale und setzen diese anschließend pragmatisch um. Die erreichten Ergebnisse erfüllten unsere Erwartungen voll. Wir würden jederzeit wieder mit den Herren zusammenarbeiten.“

Rudolf Illies – Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

rbi-gmbh kunden / clients„MERITUS hat uns erstmals in einem wichtigen internen Projekt unterstützt. Wir sind ein relativ kleines, erfolgreiches Unternehmen und hatten bis dato keinen großen Beratungsbedarf. Mit Blick auf das wirklich Wichtige haben die MERITUS-Berater den Projektaufwand zielorientiert auf das Notwendige gelenkt und waren in der Lösungsfindung fachlich überaus kompetent. Wir sind froh in MERITUS zur rechten Zeit den richtigen Partner gefunden zu haben und können das Unternehmen jederzeit vollsten weiterempfehlen.“

Roman Berner – Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

“Mit Dr. Jens Zimmermann und dem MERITUS-Team habe ich bei verschiedenen Unternehmen im Rahmen von anspruchsvollen Themenstellungen zusammengearbeitet. MERITUS versteht die spezifische Kundensituation auf der unternehmerischen und der menschlichen Ebene sehr gut. Mit hoher Expertise und vollem Engagement werden die Projektziele verfolgt und umgesetzt. Ich greife gerne auf MERITUS zurück, wenn es darum geht messbare Ergebnisse zu erzielen.”

Dr. Manfred Ziegler – Gesellschafter Aufsichtsrat und Beirat diverser Unternehmen

Wöhrle Kunden„MERITUS hat uns in mehreren erfolgskritischen Aufgabenstellungen begleitet. Wir schätzten die hohe Fachexpertise und Professionalität der MERITUS-Berater. Sie sind kompetent und immer lösungsorientiert, aber auch pragmatisch und sympathisch. Wir sind mit den gemeinsam erzielten Ergebnissen sehr zufrieden und können die Zusammenarbeit mit MERITUS empfehlen.“

Michael Fahrenbach – Geschäftsführer

Acxit Logo

„Wir lernten Herrn Stefan Mairiedl im Jahr 2013 als CRO und Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung im Rahmen eines M&A-Prozesses bei einem Tier 1-Automobilzulieferer mit 350 Mitarbeitern und einem Umsatz von 42 Mio. € kennen. Herr Mairiedl hat den Investorenprozess aktiv und wertvoll unterstützt, in dem er das Unternehmen gegenüber potenziellen Investoren repräsentierte und die Unternehmensplanung erarbeitete und erläuterte. Insbesondere schätzen wir seine Disziplin und Zuverlässigkeit auch unter extremen Bedingungen und hohem zeitlichem Druck sowie seine profunden Kenntnisse und sein belastbares Netzwerk in der Automobil-Industrie.“

Christian Nicolas Bächstädt – Managing Partner

Plettenberg Logo„In einem ganzheitlichen Projekt zur Verbesserung des Unternehmensergebnisses begleitete uns Dr. Jens Zimmermann über einen längeren Zeitraum. Seine Arbeitsweise ist geprägt von unternehmerischem Denken, hoher Professionalität, strukturiertem Vorgehen und starker Ergebnisorientierung, aber auch von seiner verbindlichen und menschlichen Wesensart. Persönlich schätze ich Dr. Jens Zimmermann als integren und fundierten Gesprächspartner.“

Cornel Müller – Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter


„MERITUS hat für unser Beteiligungsunternehmen Düker das Neuausrichtungskonzept, zur nachhaltigen Verbesserung des Unternehmensergebnisses erstellt. Dieses Konzept wurde im Anschluss durch einen MERITUS Interim Manager umgesetzt. MERITUS zeigte sich dabei als kompetenter, zielorientierter und professioneller Partner in der Initiierung und dem Management unseres Veränderungsprozess‘. Wir waren sowohl mit dem Konzept als auch mit der anschließenden Umsetzung sehr zufrieden und werden bei Bedarf auch zukünftig mit MERITUS gerne zusammenarbeiten.“

Dr. Klaus-Georg Hengstberger – Gesellschafter

Eichenauer Logo„Nicole Zimmermann begleitete uns in Themenstellungen zu Unternehmensstrategie, Vertriebsoptimierung und Organisationsentwicklung. Sie erfasste unsere Ausgangssituation und Besonderheiten sehr gut. Mit ihrer fundierten und systematischen Vorgehensweise sowie ihrem gewinnenden Auftreten erarbeitete sie mit dem Projektteam zielführende und praxisgerechte Lösungen. Frau Zimmermann genoss über alle Ebenen in unserem Unternehmen hohes Ansehen und Wertschätzung.“

Kerstin Stoll – Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin

IST Logo

„Wir haben Fr. Zimmermann von der Firma MERITUS im Rahmen unserer strategischen Neuausrichtung kennengelernt. Es war für uns überraschend wie stark wir von ihren externen Geschäftsmodellanalysen profitieren konnten. MERITUS verstand es, kritisch auf unsere Ausgangssituation einzugehen. Auf Basis der faktenorientierten Darstellungen war es uns leicht, notwendige Veränderungen in unserem Geschäftsmodell festzuhalten und daraus konkrete und praktikable Maßnahmen zu entwickeln. Wir sind froh in MERITUS einen Partner gefunden zu haben, der uns auch zukünftig weiter in unserem Veränderungsprozess unterstützt.“

Christian Metz – Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung

„Die Berater von MERITUS haben unser Unternehmen in einer sehr wichtigen und zukunftsorientierten Phase kompetent begleitet. Dabei haben Sie sich durch ein sehr schnelles und tiefes Verständnis für unser Nischenprodukt und dessen Markt ausgezeichnet. MERITUS hat zielgerichtet die zentralen Stellhebel zur Ergebnisoptimierung identifiziert, dabei lag der Fokus stets auf der für uns richtigen und individuellen Lösung. Die effiziente und präzise Arbeitsweise hat uns dabei voll überzeugt. Die Kollegen von MERITUS verbinden Professionalität und Sympathie im persönlichen Umgang. Wir können MERITUS als zuverlässigen Partner jederzeit weiterempfehlen und bauen auch künftig auf eine vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit.“

Christoph Schöttler – Geschäftsführer

„Die NORD Holding konnte mit MERITUS sehr positive Erfahrungen in Projekten für Unternehmen aus unserem Beteiligungsportfolio sammeln. Die MERITUS Berater denken unternehmerisch und sind sehr verlässlich bei der Erarbeitung der vereinbarten Projektergebnisse. Zum einen sind sie operativ sehr stark und verstehen die spezifischen Geschäftsmodelle schnell. Zum anderen nehmen sie die Führungskräfte der Beteiligungsunternehmen bei der Erarbeitung von Konzepten mit und genießen deren volles Vertrauen. Wir werden in Zukunft mit MERITUS weiter zusammenarbeiten.“

Jan-Philipp Wilckens – Operating Partner

Airbus Group Logo„Dr. Jens Zimmermann hat für Airbus und in unserer Zuliefererkette verschiedene Projekte durchgeführt. Sein persönliches Engagement war dabei ein entscheidender Faktor für die jeweiligen Projekterfolge.“

Dr. Klaus Richter – ehem. Chief Procurement Officer

„Wir haben MERITUS im Rahmen eines für uns zeitkritischen Task Force-Projekt kennengelernt. Mit Kenntnis der Dringlichkeit waren die MERITUS Berater zwei Tage später bereits bei uns vor Ort. Innerhalb von zwei Wochen hatten wir die gesuchte Transparenz und einen gemeinsamen, schnell wirksamen Lösungsweg mit unserem Kunden verhandelt. Auch rückblickend hat sich der eingeschlagene Weg für uns als richtig erwiesen. Wenn es auf schnelle und echte Hilfe ankommt, können wir MERITUS sehr empfehlen.“

Beate Gothe – Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin

„Wir haben eine Beratung gesucht, die uns bei der Verbesserung unserer betriebswirtschaftlichen Transparenz operativ und kompetent unterstützt. Das MERITUS Team hat gemeinsam mit uns schnell und kollegial die gewünschten Informationen erarbeitet. Mit den Ergebnisse waren wir sehr zufrieden.“

Phillip Wagner – Geschäftsführer

Siltronic Logo

„Es war eine große Freude, mit Jens Zimmermann und seinem Team zusammenzuarbeiten, um unsere globale Lieferkette in sechs Ländern in einem beschleunigten Format zu verbessern. Die Ergebnisse haben meine Erwartungen bei weitem übertroffen. Wir haben einen straffen Zeitplan mit herausfordernden Zielen kombiniert und eine globale, multikulturelle Lieferkette integriert, indem wir Initiativen vorangetrieben haben, die sowohl auf lokaler Ebene vorteilhaft als auch auf globaler Ebene integrativ waren. Die Verbesserungsprogramme waren einfach, aber gleichzeitig leistungsstark. Jens Zimmermann und sein Team sind nicht nur typische Berater, sondern vielmehr das, was ich als Resultants bezeichne.”

Dr. Ryan Rhoades – ehem. Leiter der strategischen Lieferkette

Mesa Parts Logo„Dr. Jens Zimmermann hat uns in mehreren Projekten kompetent und engagiert unterstützt. In diesen Projekten hat er zusammen mit dem Projektteam rasch Lösungsansätze entwickelt und umgesetzt. Mit den Projektergebnissen waren wir sehr zufrieden. In den vergangenen Jahren hat er sich zu einem vertrauensvollen Sparringspartner für mich in unternehmerischen Fragestellungen entwickelt.“

Julian Meyer – Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

weber-hydraulik kunden / clients

„MERITUS hat unser Unternehmen durch einen strukturierten Neuausrichtungsprozess geführt. Wir verfügen jetzt über eine klare Positionierung mit abgestimmten strategischen Stoßrichtungen für unsere Markt-Produkt-Segmente. Unsere Ziele sind quantifiziert und mit notwendigen strukturellen Änderungen und einem operativem Verbesserungsprogramm hinterlegt. MERITUS hat uns damit maßgeblich unterstützt, die Weichen für eine erfolgreiche Zukunft zu stellen. Die Vorgehensweise von MERITUS war dabei immer lösungsorientiert und systematisch, aber auch pragmatisch. Die Berater besitzen eine hohe Sozial- und Fachkompetenz und schaffen es, bei uns im Unternehmen Veränderung zu bewirken. Wir haben eine echte Partnerschaft entwickelt und setzen den Veränderungsprozess weiter gemeinsam fort.“

Christine Grotz – Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin

„Ich habe MERITUS im Rahmen eines Projektes als Vorsitzender des Beirates eines angesehenen Zulieferers kennen und schätzen gelernt. Zielsetzung des Projektes war es, die Ergebnissituation des Unternehmens durch Gemeinkostenreduktion zu verbessern und für die Produktbereiche die strategischen Stoßrichtungen zu definieren. Die Projektergebnisse übertrafen die anfangs definierten Ziele deutlich. MERITUS hat durch starke Kommunikations- und Umsetzungsleistung echte Veränderung bewirkt. Chapeau!“

Prof. Dr. Bernd Gottschalk – ehem. VDA Präsident, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter AutoValue GmbH

Dr. Jens Zimmermann, Managing Partner
Dr. soc. oec., Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing., zertifizierter ESUG-Berater

Dr. Jens Zimmermann begleitet seit 25 Jahren Unternehmen bei Sanierungen, Restrukturierungen und umfassenden Kostensenkungsprogrammen. Darüber hinaus ist er Experte in Supply-Chain-Optimierungen und Global Footprint-Themen.

Vor der Gründung von MERITUS war Dr. Jens Zimmermann acht Jahre im Vorstand der Staufen AG, wo er Restrukturierungs- und Lean-Management-Projekte verantwortete. Davor war er elf Jahre bei Droege & Comp., davon vier Jahre verantwortlicher Partner für das weltweite Competence Center Supply Chain Management.

„Im Rahmen der Absicherung der Lieferfähigkeit eines 1st Tier Lieferanten – im Zuge der Auswirkungen der Corona-Pandemie – habe ich MERITUS als stets kompetenten und verlässlichen Partner kennengelernt. Die Kollegen von MERITUS haben im Rahmen einer Task-Force durch hohen Einsatz innerhalb kurzer Zeit maßgeblich zur Aufrechterhaltung der Belieferung und zum Abbau des Lieferrückstandes beigetragen. Durch den professionellen und methodischen Einsatz von MERITUS konnten auch im Bereich Qualität messbare Erfolge realisiert werden.“

Simon Wurm – Value Stream Management