• Ergebnisse / results

What results can you expect?

We achieve measurable improvements

We stand for measurable change through consulting services. Based upon the analysis of your business, we will define very specific goals together. These can be both, qualitative and quantitative in nature. Particular emphasis will be based on cost and waste reduction as well as sales and earnings improvements – altogether effects that can be seen directly in your profit and loss accounts and balance sheet. In most cases the costs for consulting services will already be compensated for.

It is not very sensible to draw any general conclusions about the extent of possible improvement effects. This highly depends on your companies specific starting point and tasks you’re facing. Nevertheless, we can share some very concrete figures from over 200 of our projects in restructuring and profit improvement:

Exemplary project results with effects on P&L and balance sheet

  • Improvement of company results (EBT) by 2-11%, with an average of 4% (with regard to revenue)
  • Reduction of procurement costs by 4-15%, with an average of 7% (with regard to the considered purchasing volume)
  • Reduction of personnel costs by 5-40%, with an average of 14% (with regard to the overall personnel costs)
  • Reduction of other operating expenses by 4-28%, with an average of 13% (with regard to the overall operating expenses)
  • Improvement of working capital by 7-35%, with an average of 17% (with regard to the total sum of working capital)

Other positive effects resulting from optimized processes and structures

  • Increase of product and process quality
  • Decrease of cycle times (20-50%)
  • Increase of customer satisfaction
  • Increase of employee satisfaction